Piss ‘n’ Boots

Finishing up on Friday night after a few beers, I locked up for the weekend and turned the power off. For some reason I stepped into the 3 level lift shafts and shut the door and couldn't open it again as there was no power and the manual emergency system didn't work. With no cell phone coverage I tried to SOS with the alarm but no one heard it. I decided I’d just have to wait until my lady realised I was missing, but she thought I'd gone to the pub and wasn't too worried. Meanwhile, I needed to relieve myself after the beers and couldn't on the carpet so peed into one of my boots.  Since then I've been called Piss'n'Boots. The missus finally figured after 5 hrs I wasn't at the pub and came out to site and flicked the power back on so I could get out.