Back in 1968 as a young Carpenter/Joiner I was working on a block of five single level shops being constructed in Takapuna. We had nearly completed the job that had been running for six months and during that time we were using the old long drop builders site loo. As we were finishing up, we had a truck arrive to start clearing the site – he shifted the loo shed first. I put a sheet of cardboard over the long-drop hole and said to my workmate “Wouldn’t it be funny if someone fell in the hole!”. Well you guessed it, the truck came back to load the builders site shed which was close to the bog hole and in my haste to get the job done, I ran around the shed and fell straight into the mess, up to my knees. All the other guys just cracked up laughing at my stupidity. Man, did it stink. Maggots and everything in my socks and boots.