We just had a new guy start work with us when building a cow shed out in the sticks. He had no building experience but was keen to learn. After a big day of concreting we asked the ol’ mate to take all the gear over to a 44-gallon drum full of water and clean it. When we came back the next morning we asked the ol’ mate to get the gear. He came back with a sheepish look on his face and said he couldn’t get the shovels, rakes, etc. out of the drum. Turns out, not only did he put all the tools in the drum, he cleaned the wheel barrows (full of Drymix) out into the drum as well, so that he didn't make a mess on the ground. It took us two hours to chip our way through to get our concrete covered gear back. It wasn't funny at the time, but over a beer at the end of the day, it was the funniest thing that had ever happened.